Dr. Jennifer Higgins

Helping nonprofits succeed

A graduate of the Gerontology Ph.D. Program at the University of Massachusetts, Dr. Higgins has spent more than 20 years writing successful grants for nonprofits. Although she has many successful awards to her credit, Dr. Higgins was recently responsible for obtaining multi-million dollar awards from state agencies for one of her clients.

Since 2016, Dr. Higgins has been the Director of Research and Policy at the Association of Developmental Disabilities Providers. ADDP is a trade association representing 135 developmental disabilities provider agencies across the Commonwealth. Dr. Higgins’ responsibilities include reviewing research affecting persons with developmental disabilities and making policy recommendations for the agency.

At present, Dr. Higgins is serving a four-year term on the FDA’s Anesthetic and Analgesic Drug Products Advisory Committee. In her role, she reviews a considerable amount of medical research on opioid drug products and opioid abuse-deterrent drug products. She is called to vote for approval or disapproval of the products under review by the committee.

Also, at present, Dr. Higgins provides consulting and grant-writing services for nonprofits across the Commonwealth. Her aim is to be able to provide nonprofits of all types and budget sizes with the tools necessary to diversify their funding streams and realize the same success her current clients enjoy.