How Does It Work?

Introductory Meeting & Agreement

  • We begin the process with an in-depth meeting to get to know you and your nonprofit
  • We determine your specific needs and establish an agreement based on either the size of your agency or your customizable needs
  • We then produce an agreement for your approval and signature

Concept Paper Development

  • We begin gathering your documents of record and other materials via electronic, hard copy, and through in-person interviews with you or key staff members
  • We develop a concept paper or letter of inquiry for your review and approval
  • We make recommendations for any supplementary services such as external evaluations of proposed programs or projects

Funding Opportunity Research

  • We use numerous databases and list-servs to develop a list of potential appropriate funders who will likely fund your nonprofit
  • We contact potential funders personally to determine their level of interest or goodness of fit for your program, capital or general operating needs
  • We review with you the list of potential funders to ensure that your nonprofit has not previously approached them in the past and that there is no danger of “double-dipping”

Continuous Application Submissions & Follow-Up

  • We make regular application submissions to requisite funding bodies on your behalf
  • We conduct regular follow-up with funders subsequent to submissions and applications

Ongoing Monitoring of Reporting Requirements

  • We assist you with tracking funders’ reporting deadlines
  • We assist you with drafting and submitting required reporting materials
  • We assist you with the publication of the findings or outcomes of your grant programs
  • We connect you with media outlets that may have an interest in highlighting your experience or results

The process of applying for grants is best evidenced through the diagram below.