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It is a new year, a new decade, and we are approaching the annual holiday that celebrates LOVE! What better time to incorporate a little love in the way we consider the work of building and sustaining our vital non-profit organizations?  In this installment, I would like to talk about the need to care for your non-profit staff as well as your bottom line.

The Stats

We have all heard dismal statistics about employee retention.  We all see it.  A recent survey for the Chronicle of Philanthropy and Association of Fundraising Professionals revealed that:

  • 51% of fundraisers said they plan to leave their current non-profit within the next 2 years
  • 55% reported feeling unappreciated at their current non-profit
  • 21% stated that the negative aspects of their jobs outweighed the positive

Such data gives us pause to ponder effective, sustainable ways to retain our best employees while also meeting our other goals.  Does creating a happy workforce require investments of time and resources that may be beyond a non-profit’s budget?

Job Satisfaction & Retention

According to Bloomerang’s 2019 article, “State of the Non-Profit Workplace,” data surrounding fundraiser job satisfaction indicates that a flexible work environment now tops the list of desirable employee benefits, even outranking salary.  In the current climate, mission and salary take a backseat to flex schedules and paid time off.  Flexible schedules and telecommuting are attractive options that will not necessarily impact your financial bottom line negatively.  In fact, these perks may save you thousands of dollars in terms of retaining your valuable workforce.

Beyond retention, how can you demonstrate that you value your employees this Valentine’s Day and beyond? Strong communication across all levels within your agency fosters an atmosphere of openness and connection.  Consider developing a distinct culture within your organization via annual or semi-annual traditions, holiday potlucks, and group social events related to your common mission.  Provide opportunities for professional development and growth.  And finally, be attentive to the unique skills and talents your staff already bring.  Is there a musician, a photographer, or social media whiz in your midst?  Spotlighting and utilizing that talent not only conveys the fact that you value and appreciate your employees’ unique gifts, but can enhance the agency in limitless ways.  So, go ahead and share the love with your staff, and remember that CommonWealth GrantWorks is available to share our expertise, and our love for your non-profit, at any time of year!

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