The Luck Factor 🍀

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In anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th, we got to thinking about the “luck factor”, or what it means to be lucky. So, we’ve addressed this topic in this month’s blog piece.

What Are Your Odds?

We are often asked about the success rate of winning grants. We believe that, if submitting applications to a combination of existing and new funders, an organization should expect a success rate of between 50 and 60 percent. Of course, these odds are improved by volume—that is, the greater number of grant applications submitted, the greater the likelihood of return.

How Do You Improve Your Odds?

Building upon a recent article in “Real Simple”, we believe there are five ways clients can boost their grant-writing luck, putting the odds in their favor by creating their own serendipity. They are:

1. Surround yourself with optimistic people.

We tell our clients to pretend luck doesn’t exist. “Lucky” people are those that are determined to succeed and don’t stop until they do. The most successful clients are those that maintain their optimism over the long-term, despite any setbacks incurred. They are also more likely to attract and reinforce each other, so there is a boosting of luck when time is spent with positive, mentally tough people.

2. Prepare, prepare, prepare.

Luck may seem ethereal, but it really comes down to preparation. When our clients are poised to take advantage of opportunities that come along, that’s when the luck or magic happens. Many cultures have identified lucky charms.  There are few feng shui cures as popular, and as universal in their application, as the Laughing Buddha. It is used as a feng shui cure for good luck, abundance, happiness, success, good health, in other words, for everything good. These magical items do not produce luck per se; rather, they are reminders of what preparation and hard work can yield.

3. Recognize that your organization is lucky already.

We encourage our clients to notice the blessings in their work, which can make them feel like the luckiest of organizations. When an organization feels lucky, it is more confident and observes one good thing happening after another. We find that if leaders of organizations wake up and have the mantra that it is going to be an amazing day, they’ll likely experience events in a more beneficial way.

4. Refocus your attention.

We have all heard the phrase “stinkin’ thinkin’”. It is true that where your focus goes, so too does your energy. When a client spends time in a negative state and complains about what life has dealt the organization, all that energy is wasted. We recommend that organizations ask themselves “What steps can we take to improve the outcome(s)?” In this way, organizations are focusing on what is working, not the less-than-idyllic.

5. Have faith in the cyclical nature of the grant hunt.

We do not believe that luck is random. There is energy that abounds us which flows in predictive cycles and influences the situations we draw into our lives. Again, using classical feng shui as a guide, we find that organizations are better off observing when and how these cycles affect them and use essential strategies to improve their “luck”. In this way, when positive cycles come around, they are in a better position to take advantage of it.

Call us today to begin the journey to improving your “luck”.

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