When is Enough Enough?

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If you read our blog post on scarcity, we must say that there are pitfalls to abundance for nonprofits as well—that is, having an ample quantity. For many nonprofits, although a good problem to have, they may find themselves under-prepared for having an abundance of anything, including resources, time, and goods. These resources may be frittered away unwittingly. So, what should you do when you experience an abundance?

We recommend a few of the following methods for dealing with an abundance or plenty.


If you are fortunate enough to have too much time on your hands as a result of realizing operational efficiencies such as installing a new electronic health record (EHR), we recommend conducting a detailed analysis of your schedule and diversion of “free” time to alternative pursuits. For instance, as the executive director of a nonprofit, we can imagine that as a result of devoting considerable time and energy to streamlining your business practices, you now find yourself with some downtime. We recommend using this downtime as strategically as possible, rather than just taking a day off. Consider ways in which you may donate time to another nonprofit in your community, or perhaps serve on their board. By so doing, you are not only advancing the image of you and your nonprofit, but you are positioning your nonprofit as a strategic player which now has enhanced power in your community.


If, however, you are fortunate enough to enjoy an abundance of resources (i.e., capital or cash), we recommend conducting an assessment of the available resources and development of a plan to deploy them elsewhere in your nonprofit or externally. This too will enable you to enhance your local or regional alliances, which, in turn, strengthens your nonprofit and enhances your position of power.

And finally, an abundance of resources could also be used to engage in targeted and strategic growth. Whether expanding your nonprofit to the next town over, or moving from a state-level presence to a regional operation, an abundance of resources permits highly desirable growth opportunities for both your nonprofit and your own professional development.

Over the years of doing business, we have helped many nonprofits successfully avail themselves of plenty and avoid the pitfalls inherent in dwelling in the land of abundance.

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