Your Year-End Appeal

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December is rapidly approaching and that means something important for your nonprofit.  Year-end appeals!  But you should not wait until December 31st to make your big ask.  Did you know that 40% of non-profit gifts arrive during the last 4 months of the year?  If you haven’t been preparing since September, though, there is no need for despair.  Let me share with you some of the tips I’ve learned in my years of fundraising for nonprofit organizations.

What Now?

You can lay groundwork immediately via phone calls, postcards, and emails which will culminate next month in a big year-end ask.  This preliminary contact will keep your organization front and center in your donor’s mind during a busy time of year.  It’s important not to assume previous year’s gifts will be automatically repeated, so be sure to outline some of the specific, tangible needs this year’s gift will impact.

What Next?

What is the best format for the final year-end appeal? There are many options, and each has its advantages.  While postal mail is still a traditional favorite, email appeals can provide immediate and convenient ways to donate via hyperlink.  Social media/video appeals can offer a multisensory window into your organization — its strengths, its dreams and its needs.

What For?

However you choose to approach your year-end appeal, keep in mind that you are asking for your donor community to gather behind a cause they can believe in and have the collective power to advance.  Your non-profit stands on the shoulders of your donors.  For that reason, remind those who contribute to your organization how vital and valued their support is.

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